I had a reading with Debbie and it helped me to take my life in a direction that I feel good about. Her reading helped me understand myself better and why I do the things I do.  Because of that, I have made wiser choices in my life! I feel if I need a little guidance in the future, I would contact Debbie again to guide me on my life’s path!  Pamela T.

I had the extreme pleasure of having an Akashic records reading from Debbie. It was a very life changing thing for me. Debbie is such a sweet and gentle person and she earned my trust right away. The information I recieved was spot on and the soul clearing exercises given for after the reading have lightened my soul!! I recommend this for anyone struggling with issues in their life. So much of our troubles stem from blocks we have due to past and present life experience.  I consider Debbiexa friend now and we have worked together since on a few things. She is the ultimate professional! Very happy with my reading, clearing and give her 5 stars!! Erika J

I had a reading with Debbie and it was so eye opening for me. She truly went into my archives and found what was troubling my soul all these years. I wasn’t truly aware of what was going on until we talked about it. I couldn’t believe someone could find out what was bothering me all these years in one reading. I have seen therapists for years and never got to the root of my problems. Also I found out I had attached souls and she was able to release those and I did as well through the homework she gave me. I defiantly recommend having a reading with Debbie and I will be getting another one again in the near future.

Michelle C

My reading with Debbie was nothing short of life changing. She is incredibly accurate, knowledgeable and helpful. Because of her reading, I was able to clear blocks preventing me from spiritual growth and I’ve grown far more than I ever knew possible. Additionally, she is kind and truly cares. There is no one better.

I mean every word 😊


Having my Akashic records ready by Debbie was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have always been thankful and knew I was blessed in many ways, but she opened me to the true white light. Debbie spent a lot of time explaining every detail and answering all of my questions.  I felt such a relief and so blessed afterwards it was a very rewarding experience for me.  I felt I was speaking to an angel.  I have had some negative energies in my life as does everyone, but after this reading, I felt so much gratitude and beyond blessed, it was a remarkable feeling that I won’t soon forget. I have found myself being more positive and cheerful since my reading. I highly recommend if you haven’t had your Akashic Records read. Please do it for yourself.  Enlighten your Soul!!

Wendy, TX

Debbie is wonderful, she helped me see my soul’s true purpose…I highly recommend Debbie, you won’t be disappointed!!

Eddie, TX

In January, I was presented with an opportunity to get an Akashic reading from Debbie.  I had no idea what it was but my friends told me it was a record of my soul’s lifetime.  I had been going through some things and I wasn’t sure if it was a midlife crisis or if my life was truly falling apart.  I had some deep unhappiness that I needed resolved.  The day I got an email from Debbie saying that she had completed the reading and needed to schedule a time to go over my report left my stomach in butterflies!  Debbie was able to identify some events that had happened in this lifetime, created by ME, that created blocks.  The good news was I could correct them all and Debbie delivered the messages with love, compassion and direction!  I am still amazed at how spot on Debbie was.  She gave me clearing homework that I needed to complete in 21 days with clear instructions if I missed a day to start again.  Weeks later, I feel healed.  She brought wisdom and understanding in the journey to find myself.  My unhappiness has left me and I feel a new purpose.  I would recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a healer, her skill and talent far exceeded my expectations.

Rosey, WY