Welcome to the world of Akashic Readings! As a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, I have been trained in a wonderful modality called Soul Realignment that allows me to access your Akashic Records to give you insight about your Soul’s Divine Blueprint.

 By accessing your Akashic Record, I can share with you who you really are: Your Soul’s origination, divine gift, life lesson, skill set, spirit guides and negative karmic blocks.

 The Akashic reading also allows me to work with healing and clearing your negative karmic patterns at a soul level. This can unblock your spiritual potential, enhance your spiritual development, expressing your divine truth and help you create the life you want.

 The Akashic Reading provides so much information that it truly allows you to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My hope is to help you discover who you are and your divine gifts, to heal your spiritual blocks and to encourage you on your next step of your Soul’s journey.

 Types of Akashic Readings:

Soul Realignment – A reading that tells you who you are at Soul level. It is your Soul’s profile. You will discover your Soul’s origination, divine gift, vibration rate, life lesson, specialization skill set, how many white lights and spirit guides you have; and most importantly, your blocks and restrictions that can prevent you from living in your divine truth. You will also be able to clear your blocks and restrictions. Understanding who you are can give you power to change and create the life you want.

Life Lessons – A reading about your Soul’s primary and secondary life lessons that help your Soul to experience itself and its divinity. This reading will also tell you if your lessons are complete.

Chakra Analysis – A reading about your chakra system and if there are any imbalances in your physical, emotional and mental energy bodies.

Spirit Guides  – A reading that shares about your “inner” team of Spirit Guides that are specifically assigned to you and their roles in helping you with your spiritual development and expressing your Divine Truth. Plus, personal messages from your Spirit Guides.

Life Situations – A reading that helps resolve a specific issue or situations that you are currently encountering. Also, this reading discovers if there are any blocks and/or restrictions affecting this situation.

Manifestation – A reading that helps you understand your unique Divine process for manifesting your goals. This reading will help you become more effective in manifesting your dreams and it will also help you determine the correct actions needed to create more of what you want to experience.

 Relationships – A reading that gives you insight and perspective on each person and how they affect each other. I will also discover if there are any blocks and/or restrictions that may be negatively affecting the relationship. This reading can be done with intimate relationships, parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends.

Property Clearing – A reading that checks for negative influences on the property and if there are any Earthbound Souls attached. I also clear the property in the Akashic Records.

I had a reading with Debbie and it helped me to take my life in a direction that I feel good about. Her reading helped me understand myself better and why I do the things I do.  Because of that, I have made wiser choices in my life! I feel if I need a little guidance in the future, I would contact Debbie again to guide me on my life’s path!  Pamela T.

I had the extreme pleasure of having an Akashic records reading from Debbie. It was a very life changing thing for me. Debbie is such a sweet and gentle person and she earned my trust right away. The information I recieved was spot on and the soul clearing exercises given for after the reading have lightened my soul!! I recommend this for anyone struggling with issues in their life. So much of our troubles stem from blocks we have due to past and present life experience.  I consider Debbiexa friend now and we have worked together since on a few things. She is the ultimate professional! Very happy with my reading, clearing and give her 5 stars!! Erika J